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Agency & Consulting

Our experienced trading team prides itself on our ability to add depth of knowledge and value to commercial negotiations across the spectrum of commodities we trade. We often act as the face of offshore suppliers in local markets and provide insight and recommendations to bridge financial hurdles and problem-solve. In addition, GMI is also well-attuned to creating diverse programs to manage scrap generation from large manufacturers, create consignment programs for consumption and serve as a valued partner for sourcing and logistics management. Our ability to understand our partners’ objectives and benchmarks allow us to monitor progress and adjust strategy mid-stream to take advantage of market dynamics and windows of opportunity.


GMI’s dedicated finance team acts as a partner to our customers and suppliers to facilitate a variety of financing solutions. Our deep understanding of logistics and other varied facets of the metals industry allows us to customize and optimize funding for a diverse array of projects while also mitigating risk. GMI has the resources and trade finance expertise to enhance working capital as well as to structure pre-export and pre-production financing tied to off take agreements.

Hedging & Pricing

We understand the importance of risk-management and margin protection for the producers and consumers in our supply chain and provide, subject to credit review, spot and forward price fixing services in conjunction with physical contracts. As active hedgers for our own positions on both LME and CME, we have the in-house knowledge and resources at our disposal to cater to your specific hedging requirements. GMI is able to customize programs basis LME, CME and/or MCX to assist our partners to better manage the volatility of your markets, forecast the impacts of supply-demand changes and offer practical solutions and programs that facilitate higher returns.


GMI maintains an experienced team of transport and documentation experts to negotiate rates, schedule and track inbound and outbound shipment by sea, truck and rail to ensure all domestic and overseas goods are picked up and delivered timely per our clients’ criteria. We evaluate and recommend ideal shipping methods, routing and/or carriers to meet necessary parameters, handling specifications and costs.


Since its inception, GMI’s success has been built on the strength of our marketing expertise. Our insights into the market, reputation for performance and relationships throughout the world have enabled us bring new products to market as well as assist well- established producers to grow and diversify. GMI works hard to understand our customers’ needs and has extensive experience with the qualification process of some of the world’s most demanding consumers, and stays at the forefront of the industry to assist our clients in adjusting to market fluctuations, changing trade policies, and overall market risks and opportunities.


Through our growing network of mining, smelting, refining and recycling partners, GMI sources, ships, finances and processes raw materials and/or secondary goods as a toll manufacturer into value-added products. Our extensive knowledge and global relationships enable GMI to manage a diverse basket of supply streams, and convert low-grade or commercially difficult items with limited marketability into products of higher value.


GMI manages and maintains an accurate inventory of physical stock via a growing network of global third-party warehouses, which provides our counterparties with year-round flexibility for deliveries of prompt consumer needs, time and location swaps, arbitrage and freight saving opportunities, and savings on financing based on ever-changing economic conditions.

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