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GMI is active in the global metals and minerals markets. The products that GMI supports are relevant to a vast array of industries, ranging from automobiles, aerospace, electronics, construction, consumer products, infrastructure, and other forms of manufacturing. Below you can find more details on some of the specific products the GMI group handles.

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Aluminum, Aluminum Alloys & Aluminum Hardeners

Greenwich Metals, Inc. is active in all the major aluminium primary, recycled materials & specialty use markets. With the expertise to handle ingot, sow, scrap, remelts and residues, we market products to consumers all over the globe.


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Bulk Sea Freight and Logistics

Greenwich Metals is actively involved in the sourcing and provision of freight and logistics services for a variety of commodities including raw materials, base metals, steels and numerous industrial products requiring movement by sea.


Copper & Copper Scrap

Along with our strategic partners, we run a global sourcing and marketing network across the supply
chain for raw materials and through a spectrum of copper-bearing minerals, primary and secondary scrap, slags, cements, residues, skimmings, dross and other copper bi-products. With regards to metallics, Greenwich Metals is actively marketing and trading below items from around the globe. (read more)



GMI entered the ferroalloys space in June 2019 through the acquisition of FerroMet AB, a Swedish trading company established in 1994.


We enter into long term supply contracts with the leading global manufacturers, and distribute to our clients all over the world, either directly from the producer’s location, or from our Rotterdam (read more)


Ferrous Slags, Clinker, and Cement

Ferrous slags are produced in different stages of the iron and steelmaking processes resulting in varying physiochemical properties. Additionally, the rate of cooling of the slag material affects its degree of crystallinity further diversifying its range of properties. It is converted to (read more)


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Lead & Lead Scrap

Greenwich Metals markets both primary and secondary lead and lead alloys throughout the world. We are active in all facets of the lead industry. Instead of “paper trading” we work intricately with suppliers and consumers to better understand their needs and create long term value. (read more)


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Magnesium & Silicon

As a supplier of primary magnesium, GMI provides its worldwide customer base with high quality magnesium in pure, alloy, chips and class 1 scrap form. Our magnesium is used in the aluminum alloy process to manufacture beverage cans, extrusions, and other sheet products. In addition, the steel industry consumes pure magnesium as a desulfurizing additive in molten steel. (read more)


Raw Materials

Greenwich Metals continues to expand its activities across a wide spectrum of raw materials and bulk products globally including copper, lead, silver and zinc concentrates, blister, ores, cements, cakes, mattes, reverts, dross, as well as gold concentrates and precious-metals- bearing byproducts. The experience of our raw materials team includes direct long-term relationships with miners, smelters, refiners, and secondary producers developed over decades trading around the globe. (read more)


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We focus on providing high-quality steel products and solutions for the steel and construction industries.  Our steel desk continues to expand and strives to proactively add value to our clients and partners around the globe. Our expertise includes billets, rebars, wire rods, hot rolled coils/sheets, cold rolled coils/sheets, galvanized and pre-painted coils, merchant bars and steel slag. (read more)


Tin & Tin Scrap

Greenwich Metals has a long history in the tin industry, working with solder manufacturers, brass ingot makers, tin alloy and plating operations throughout the world, helping to mitigate price risk and manage supply chain. Working with suppliers that conform with the Responsible Minerals Initiative, Greenwich Metals offers traceability and assurance to its wide customer base. (read more)


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Zinc & Zinc Scrap

Greenwich Metals, Inc. is active in all the major primary and secondary zinc markets selling to a wide variety of customers throughout the metals industry including zinc alloyers, galvanizers, brass mills and steel mills. In addition to marketing special high grade, high grade and off spec material in jumbo and slab form, we also handle a wide variety of zinc bearing scrap items, including drosses, anodes, kirksite, die cast and new production material. (read more)


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