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Aluminum Factory


The GMI group strives to add value to the supply chain and be a reliable partner in the physical commodities business by providing quality products, maintaining exceptional personalized service, and operating ethically in the global marketplace. Our people and reputation are our most important assets and integral to our goal of nurturing long-term relationships.


Founded in 1992, Greenwich Metals (GMI) has a long history of sourcing and suppling industrial metals to manufacturing companies throughout North America and Western Europe.  The company was revitalized in 2018 as the founder sold the company to a group of investors led by several metals trading executives and managers who now operate GMI. Collectively, the group holds over 100 years of trading experience across a diverse set of commodities and markets.  Under this new leadership, the company has been refinanced, rebranded, and diversified.  As part of this diversification, in 2019 GMI Purchased Ferromet AB, a Swedish-based ferrous marketing company established in 1994. Operating today as GMI Commodities AB (GMIC), we serve the steel and foundry industries worldwide. In 2022, the company established two new wholly owned entities: GMIC SA based in Geneva, Switzerland which is a growing hub for trading, and GMIC D.O.O. based in Belgrade, Serbia.

As a service-centered business platform, GMI offers global, value-added support to suppliers and customers in ferrous and non-ferrous metals to simplify contract administration, manage risks and streamline costs. We are actively engaged in tolling through growing network of mining, smelting, refining and recycling partners. Our in-house team of experienced transport and documentation experts provide logistics support for shipment by sea, truck, and rail to ensure efficient and on-time shipping methods as well as provide warehousing support and manage and maintain accurate inventory of physical stocks via a growing network of global third-party warehouses. A dedicated finance team allows GMI to act as a partner to orchestrate a variety of financing needs including structured payment instruments, pre-export financing and pre-production project cashflow tied to off-take agreements. Our commercial team proudly provides personalized marketing expertise throughout the world, which enables GMI’s customers and suppliers to benefit from our global and regional perspectives.


Currently the GMI group is most actively involved in ferrous and non-ferrous metals through four major commodity groupings; bulk commodities including raw materials and steel, refined base metals, scrap metals, and ferroalloys. Within these groupings, GMI is globally trading in more than 100 uniquely sourced products and continues to add and seek opportunities that complement our existing portfolio.



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