Aluminum Hardeners

In addition to supplying magnesium and silicon to the Aluminum industry, we also have available hardeners and
additives such as Mn/Al, Fe/Al, Cr/Al, Ti/Al
and low Se Mn powder. We supply material from China which is produced by an ISO 9001/14001 registered Company. Our brand is approved at a number of Primary and Secondary Aluminum producers.


We are able to supply a varied number of products, in tablets or briquettes which weigh between 6 and 50 grams and in accordance with individual customer requirements. Our Mn/Al hardener can be supplied in the widely used 85/15%, 40-50g configuration or as 93/7% in 6g pieces for fast dissolution (6-7 minutes).


All our material is supplied with producer’s original analysis certificates, and is packed in 25lb water resistant, product specific, colored bags on wooden pallets