As a supplier of primary magnesium, GMI provides its worldwide customer base with high quality magnesium in pure, alloy and class 1 scrap form. Our magnesium is used in the aluminum alloy process to manufacture beverage cans, extrusions, and other sheet products. In addition, the steel industry consumes pure magnesium as a desulfurizing additive in molten steel.


Alloyed magnesium is an essential material in the growing automotive and die cast industries. Magnesium also has numerous applications in the production of hand power tools and computers. GMI handles products such as AZ91D, AM50A, and AM60B, however, our magnesium alloy can be produced to meet any specifications. We are also a supplier of high quality class 1 magnesium alloy scrap.


We offer both Pure and Alloy magnesium in eight (8), twelve (12) kilo ingots packaged to suit requirement. Our scrap comes in super sacks weighing about 300 kilos each.


Our close relationship with ISO 9002 certified producers combined with a high level of technical expertise insures that our high quality materials meet ASTM standards. Every producer who supplies GMI has been carefully selected based upon their proven ability to continuously make high quality products in large volumes.


We pride ourselves on our ability to work with customers to meet their individual requirements.


If you are a consumer of magnesium for the aluminum, steel or die casting industries, looking to lower your unit cost without sacrificing quality, GMI stands ready and able to help you achieve your goals.