Along with our strategic partners, we run a global sourcing and marketing network across the supply chain for raw materials and through the spectrum of primary and secondary scrap, slags, blister, cements, residues, skimmings, dross and other copper bi-products.  Our trading team excels in the placement of commercially difficult materials.  We are competitive domestic USA and international Buyers and Sellers of Grade A and off-grade cathode.  Greenwich Metals actively markets ISRI specification Cu-based scrap including #1 wire/tubing, mixed load #2 birch/cliff, copper chops, brass scrap, insulated wire, tin-plated and other copper base alloys.  


We are active in both the annual and spot markets, LME and CME futures and arbitrage. Tolling and conversion agreements provide a steady stream of value-added copper products and the flexibility to manage volatile price environments and/or extremes in the demand cycle.